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Call me des or desea

I do programming and also happen to get paid for it despite sucking at it

Fash/Queerphobes dni

Living the technowitch dream, mayhaps nightmare even #nobot

All my cats are white, i hope canceldom don't find out

BREAKING: Capitalism.

@vriska the girlboss to girlboss al girlbosses

Gonna figure out how to not make my arch fail on graphical booting when ive got a lib32 graphics driver installed someday... but tonight i sleep

barb deleted this banger

@cheri gooniiii

@cheri cheriiiiiii

Where my jesties at

do wonder if my pc will start with these additional drivers in... welp, only one way to find out

Does https still work like it does currently with ipv6?
im kinda not knowledgeable about this stuff and don't even know if dns stuff will have to switch for v6 or not

Okay im dumb, you are supposed to install steam like this its just missing some additional stuff you gotta check in the arch wiki entry for it

@Mia extremely rare skill that i only possess on my best days if even(lol)

@Mia heres my remaining the same and do fuck it up ๐Ÿ˜‡

selfcare bgins with killing people u dont like